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Understanding The Kievin Russ


Latest Episode

Explore the rich history of the Kievan Rus and the Subsequent countries within her borders on our podcast. Our latest episode delves deep into the past and present of this fascinating region. Join us as we explore both the political and cultural aspects of the Kievan Rus.

About the Show

      My goal with this podcast is to explore the complex and intertwined dynamics between different groups and cultures which have been interacting, cooperating, and fighting since the very birth of the Kevien Russ in the early middle ages. Though I, like everyone else, have my biases, I will try to leave my questions as open-ended and neutral as possible in an attempt to create a learning experience that is free from my personal opinions.

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About Me

     As the child of a Russian and Ukrainian, I have always had a unique perspective on the dynamics of both the way the history of the Keiven Russ is told as well as the modern understanding of that region's politics. Due to current events and increased interest in learning about the Kievan Russ, I have taken it upon myself to share my best attempt at laying out the complexities of the region in as much of an unbiased way as possible.

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